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Anti-flap Bars

Anti-flap bars are a crucial addition to RVs, minimizing wind effects and providing stability. They eliminate awning flapping and sagging, enhancing structural integrity and reducing the risk of damage. These bars create a secure and quiet outdoor space, ensuring a taut awning for shade and protection, adding comfort and peace of mind to RV enthusiasts.

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Roof Rails

Roof rails are essential components for caravan awnings, providing a secure and stable attachment point. Made from durable materials, they withstand weight and resist wind forces, offering stability without permanent modifications to the caravan.

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Explore our range of durable and reliable awnings to meet all your needs. From R.V. Awning Walls for converting into an annexe to Zipak Awning with removable walls, and the protective Flyover/Vanover, we have the perfect awning solutions for you.

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Air Conditioning

Experience year-round comfort with Dometic air conditioners supplied and installed by Cobram Caravans. From the ultra-low profile CAL136 to the lightweight B1900 and versatile Climaster, these air conditioners offer powerful cooling and heating capabilities while being designed for easy installation and efficient operation. Enjoy reliable performance and extended caravaning seasons with Dometic air conditioners.

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Shurflo 12v Hand Galley Pump

  • Uses 1/2" I.D. hose.
  • Extend 95mm above the bench top.
  • The spout extends 150mm from the centre line of the pump.
  • The maximum bench thickness is 30mm.
  • The distance from the bench top, to the bottom of the hose barb is 180mm
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